While using the Internet can simply be a pleasure, the numerous security problems and information leaks pose a real threat, and that’s why it’s important for you to use a web proxy. Proxy sites provide you with an added protection so no matter which websites you visit while you are connected to the web, you will be fully protected and anonymous.

A proxy server basically allows you to hide yourself online. When you connect to our proxy server you won’t be connected directly to the website that you are currently viewing, instead you are using the middle man, which in our case is the web proxy to keep your identity anonymous. Once you connect via the web proxy you will actually receive a cached version of the site so you can access it very easy and securely.

The main reason you would want to use our proxy site is because it provides you with all the privacy and freedom that you need. With its help you can view sites that are otherwise blocked by your ISP. Everyone should be able to access web content fast, securely, and that’s exactly what our site is offering to you.

The major benefit you get from using our site is that no one will be able to spy on you, no matter what network you are currently on. The government, boss or anyone else simply can’t access what you see on your computer right now, because that is entirely private. Our proxy server is specifically designed to offer the Internet privacy you desperately need.

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Moreover, a proxy server can compress your traffic in order to save bandwidth, which is very important when you are on a mobile phone for example. And as if that wasn’t enough, it can also cache files to provide you a faster loading time. In addition to that, a proxy server can be quite useful when it comes to blocking malicious websites so you can make sure that once you use proxy sites you won’t have to deal with malware intrusions any more.

Our website provides you with all the safety and reliability you need. You will be the only one that can see the content which goes through the proxy server! Our proxy site can provide you with all the privacy you need, as well as complete encryption with the help of SSL.

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